The New Tech Team

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Since its formation, New Tech has molded its management team into an effective and creative business force that will enable BAM to reach its full commercial potential.

George Wilson is CEO of New Tech and leads the company using his skills in business strategy development, legal counsel, and negotiation. Prior to coming to New Tech, he served as Chief Operating Officer for Homesteaders Life Company, a $1.3 Billion asset company. In that capacity, among other things, he was responsible for leading the company’s strategic planning process, managing legal and compliance issues, and company restructuring. His creative approach to business allows New Tech to follow potential leads, solve practical problems, and overcome commercialization barriers. In addition to his role as a strategic and administrative executive, his legal and negotiations skills allow New Tech to leverage the application of BAM through partnerships, joint ventures, licensures, and beyond.

Peter Hong joined New Tech as COO in December 2009 but has worked with New Tech as a consultant on prior occasions. Peter is both a successful engineer and business person. He brings a wealth of technical, business, and state and regional economic development experience. Prior to joining New Tech, Peter worked for John Deere and successfully ran Positech, an engineering solutions company. Peter is networked throughout the Iowa entrepreneurial community which gives New Tech connections to other Iowa companies that have complementary products or needs, and thus can facilitate joint development. Peter has taken on the role of direct contact to potential customers and partners, and his prior experience on both sides of the table, as a customer and supplier, bring a customer-centered focus to New Tech operations.


As a start-up company without funding to hire staff commensurate with opportunity, New Tech has kept a lean staff of less than four full time employees and makes the most of partnering with outside companies.

Robin Conklin is New Tech’s office manager. She is the head of customer and sales support and handles all of New Tech’s bookkeeping and general administration.

Jerry Rearick serves as New Tech’s plant manager. He handles all supply processes and performs grinding and finishing work for cutting tools.

Jenica Johnson is an attorney who works part-time for New Tech assisting with contract drafting, intellectual property protection, nondisclosure agreements and business and strategic planning.

John LaMarche acts as part-time CFO of New Tech and offers high-level strategy and financial support. He is an investor in New Tech and is also involved in providing corporate development services and assistance in seeking equity financing through Emerging Growth Group (EGG), an investor-backed for-profit business development company located in Des Moines, Iowa. EGG works with early-stage companies to facilitate the development and commercialization of their products and services. In addition, EGG serves as the general manager of two early-stage capital funds that have invested in a series of technology companies over the last several years.

New Tech has also partnered with recognized industry experts for research and development, manufacturing and coating technology. These companies perform research and development as requested and are nationally recognized as leaders in their respective areas. New Tech’s working relationship with each of these companies is excellent.

Ceramatec, Inc. is a Salt Lake City research and development company in the fields of advanced materials and electrochemistry. Ceramatec was a primary player in refining the raw process of producing BAM in commercial quantities developed by New Tech’s founder, Woody Anderson. Ceramatec is outsourced to manufacture powder for New Tech until a company plant is established.


Fraunhofer USA performs coatings for New Tech. The Fraunhofer USA Center for Coatings and Laser Applications, in partnership with Michigan State University, provides innovative research and development services based on its expertise in coating technologies and laser applications. Mentioning Fraunhofer to anyone familiar with industrial coatings and you receive instant recognition and credibility.



The Quad City Manufacturing Lab (QCML) is New Tech's newest Partner.  The opportunity to work with the QCML has proven to be a significant event in the development of BAM for New Tech.  The QCML is assisting with the development and commercialization of sintered solid BAM material and BAM thick film thermal spray applications. 

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